Portland Maine is the largest city in Maine, home to more than 500,000 residents! The history in Portland creates a unique experience that never fails to impress. There are endless dining, shopping, and entertainment options to choose from in this city located near the Casco Bay. Our insurance brokerage firm is proud to provide a wide variety of insurance options to the residents of Portland Maine. We want to keep you and your family protected and we’ve got a plan to fit all of your needs!

Protecting you and your loved ones at home

Services Provided

We have 4 different insurance services available. Each type fills a different need, so let’s take a closer look!

  1. Whole life insurance.

    Whole life insurance is designed to protect you for the rest of your life. From the time you start the policy until the time you die, you’ll have insurance with a premium rate that remains the same. This makes budgeting your insurance plan into your monthly expenses a breeze! You also have the option of borrowing a low-interest loan against your whole life policy when unexpected financial stress comes up. In the event of your death, your listed beneficiaries will receive your whole life insurance balance and can use that to fill the financial burden of you being gone.

  2. Term life insurance.

    Term life insurance is extremely affordable and a great option for someone who can’t afford a whole life policy yet. This life insurance option lasts for a specific amount of time, or a term. Term life insurance is ideal for people who have financial responsibilities that won’t last forever. Things like car loans, children who need a good education, and other short-term commitments can put a lot of financial stress on your family if you pass unexpectedly. A payout from a term life insurance policy will cover those costs, just as you would have done if you were still here. When the term ends, you can either start a new term policy or opt for a whole life policy if you don’t need term coverage anymore.

  3. Mortgage protection insurance.

    Did you know you can purchase life insurance for your mortgage? It sounds weird, but it’s true! Mortgage protection insurance is a type of life insurance that covers your mortgage in the event of your death. Instead of a check being sent to a beneficiary, the remaining balance on your mortgage at the time of your death is sent directly to your mortgage loan company. This allows your family to put their focus on other financial needs, without worrying about paying a monthly mortgage. Mortgage protection insurance doesn’t require a medical exam like whole or term life, so it’s a great option for people who may struggle to get traditional life insurance coverage due to medical conditions. The value of your mortgage protection insurance will change each month as you make your monthly mortgage payments.

  4. Medicare  doesn’t provide 100% coverage of medical costs. Copays and medication costs can add up quickly and be very hard to manage on your own, especially when an unexpected expense comes up. A Medicare supplemental insurance plan fills in those gaps in coverage, so you don’t have to stress about paying out of pocket when unexpected medical costs arise. Instead, you just make regular premium payments for your Medicare gap insurance, and then use your coverage when you need it. There are multiple Medicare supplemental packages to choose from to best fit your medical needs and budget.

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