Protect Your Home & Family In The Event Of An Unexpected Tragedy Or Health Crises & Help Pay Off Your Home Early If Coverage Isn’t Used. Mortgage Protection insurance is a term insurance policy that is designed to specifically provide coverage to pay off an individuals or family’s mortgage. If the insured dies, becomes disabled, or suffers a Critical, Chronic or Terminal Illness such as a heart attack, stroke, cancer, etc. the policy will pay off the entire or a portion of the mortgage balance to protect equity, ownership, and possession of the home for remaining loved ones and or family.

Some mortgage protection policies now come with a Return of Premium Rider, if a client qualifies, in which the insurance company will pay back all of a client’s premiums in a lump sum, tax free check if the client doesn’t utilize the coverage during the term period. This Return Of Premium Feature is commonly used to help clients pay down the home earlier than they would otherwise without the coverage, as it can be designed to get premiums back in twenty or twenty five years in a tax free, lump sum check which can then be applied to reducing the principal owed on the home immediately. So don’t leave your most valuable asset and liability, your family’s home, unprotected when affordable, effective coverage can be acquired that can help you to protect and pay off your family’s home in good or in bad times.

Key Features of mortgage protection

  • Simplified Issue, Non-Medical. No Physical Exam Required To Qualify. 
  • Disability Rider Pays Your Mortgage Payments If You Cannot Work Due To Illness or Injury
  • Critical, Chronic and Terminal Illness Riders Provides Funds Directly To You If You Suffer From Certain Health Crises Such As Heart Attack, Stroke, Cancer, Etc.
  • Return Of Premiums: Returns up to 100% Of Your Premiums If Benefits Aren’t Utilized 
  • Help to Pay Off Home Early: Use Return Of Premium Check to Pay Off Home Early If Coverage Isn’t Utilized 
  • Level Premiums  & Guaranteed Death Benefit Throughout The Term
  • Peace of Mind Knowing Your Family Won’t Lose Your Home In The Event of a Tragedy