Did you know that over 280 thousand Americans are residing in the city of Orlando? This city is home to over a dozen theme parks, including Walt Disney World (comprising parks such as Epcot, Magic Kingdom, and water parks). Here also are Volcano Bay, Islands of Adventure, SeaWorld, Universal Orlando, etc., where you can have a pleasant time with your loved ones. No wonder lots of people flock to this city for holiday fun!

Orlando is undoubtedly one of the best cities to live in America as it offers something bustling and adventurous for everyone to enjoy!

You Matter Insurance & Financial Group is proud to offer a range of insurance services to many individuals in need of insurance coverage in Orlando amongst many other cities across the US states.
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Services offered


We offer Mortgage Protection Insurance, Whole and Term Life Insurance, and Medicare services in Orlando, with each coverage taking care of different needs.

  1. Whole life insurance:

Whole life insurance (also termed “straight life” or “ordinary life”) is a life insurance policy that is intended to stay in place for the entire life of the insured, provided that the needed premiums are paid on time.

Whole life insurance gives lifetime coverage, with a benefit paid to your family (or the beneficiary of your choice) at your death. This is possible as long as the terms of your contract are maintained.

  1. Term life insurance:

Term life insurance also provides financial security for a limited time at a set rate of payments, the relevant term for your family in the event of your death. Term life is perfect for you if you have school children, a car loan, or other financial commitments as it would cover you during that period. Term life insurance is cost-effective, and almost everyone can accommodate it into their budget!

  1. Mortgage Protection Insurance:

This type of insurance plan is designed to settle your mortgage if, during the mortgage period, you or another policyholder dies. The Mortgage Protection Insurance will shield your family from complicated and expensive mortgage payments if the primary breadwinner is no longer available to provide an income.

  1. Medicare:

Medicare is a federally regulated health insurance plan that provides Medicare benefits for 65 or older people.

It comprises Part A, Part B, and Part D. Medicare beneficiaries in Orlando have several different options open to them, with Medicare Supplement or Medigap considered the first option. Medicare Supplements help to offset conventional Medicare deductibles and copays. They are perfect choices for individuals who love traveling outside Orlando because they lack the network you have to use.

Medicare Advantage is the next option. They are plans provided by private health insurance organizations, having contracts with local providers. They also have extra advantages that are not provided by traditional Medicare. You Matter is certified in the two areas and would happily help you figure out which choice is best for you!

Why Choose You Matter?

You Matter Insurance & Financial Group is highly committed to offering top-notch insurance services tailored to your specific needs. Our priority is to ensure that your family is protected in the event of your death and shield your financial state while you are still living by covering uncertain medical expenditures.

We’re big enough to offer all of the coverage you required. Our focus is to ensure you are protected instead of prioritizing profit as most larger insurance companies do. Contact us today to take steps towards beginning your new policy!


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