It’s no secret that Florida is a popular tourist destination, but it’s also a popular destination for permanent living with over 22 million residents! The sunshine state offers gorgeous weather, plenty of activities to explore, and a friendly community. We’re proud to provide insurance to the great state of Florida, but do you know what insurance plan is right for you? Let’s take a look at the plans we offer and learn what’s right for you! 

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Whole Life Insurance in Lakeland, FL

Whole life insurance is designed to protect you for your whole life, hence the name. Once you start a whole life insurance plan, your rate will never change. This makes budgeting your insurance plan very easy! You also have the option of borrowing a low-interest loan against your whole life policy when unexpected financial stress comes up. In the event of your death, your listed beneficiaries will receive your whole life insurance balance and can use that to fill the financial burden of you being gone. 

Term Life Insurance in Lakeland, FL

Term life insurance lasts for a set amount of time. The rates on a term life insurance plan are very low, although they can change over time, unlike a whole life policy. Term life insurance plans are meant for people who have short-term financial responsibilities that would need to be covered in the event of their death. A car loan, children that need to go to college, and other financial obligations that won’t last forever can be taken care of with a term life insurance policy if you pass. Your listed beneficiaries would receive a check that they can use to pay off outstanding car loans, save for college, or whatever else you would have helped with if you were still here. 

Mortgage Protection Insurance in Lakeland, FL

Mortgage protection insurance is a type of life insurance that sends a payment to your mortgage lender rather than a listed beneficiary in the event of your death. The insurance payment amount constantly changes to reflect the exact amount you owe on your mortgage. That means that if you die, the mortgage is paid in full. This relieves a huge financial stress on your family and provides them with the security of staying in the home you all used to enjoy together. In contrast, they can use other life insurance payments to cover the rest of their financial needs. 


Medicare Insurance in Lakeland, FL

Medicare doesn’t provide 100% coverage of medical costs. Copays and medication costs can add up quickly and be very hard to manage on your own. A Medicare supplemental insurance plan fills in those gaps in coverage, so you don’t have to stress about paying out of pocket when unexpected medical costs arise. There are multiple Medicare supplemental packages to choose from to best fit your needs.

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