Utah is a great place to live and raise a family, and with over 3 million people calling it home, it must be a special place. Utah is known for its natural beauty, evident in its breathtaking landscape, which features mountains, high plateaus, and deserts. It’s the ideal place for enjoying the great outdoors, from hiking to winter activities. The state’s farming industry is a vital part of the broader U.S region agricultural sector. It’s a fast-growing state, which means that insurance coverage is something that people will be interested in learning about and acquiring.


You Matter Insurance & Financial Group offers various insurance services in the Centerville, Utah area, giving you options that can best serve your unique needs. We are honored to provide the below insurance services to our Utah customers.


Whole Life Insurance in Centerville

This type of insurance is intended to provide reliable protection for the rest of your life and the premium remains unchanged once it goes into effect.  Whole life insurance has certain advantages, like allowing you the benefit of obtaining low-interest loans from the policy and acquiring cash payouts. If you should pass, your family would have a safety net to ease their financial needs with a death payout.

Term Life Insurance in Centerville

With this affordable life insurance, if you should die, your family would have financial protection and not be burdened by financial responsibilities. The premiums are low and the death payout amount is typically high. However,  your term life policy is no longer effective after a particular period or a set term. If you passed, term life can be used to cover car loans, college tuition, or other costs that you make monthly payments on.


Mortgage Protection Insurance in Centerville

Mortgage protection insurance (MPI) is term insurance or a type of disability policy that is intended specifically to provide coverage for mortgages. MPI is designed to pay off the entire or a portion of the balance remaining on a mortgage if the policyholder dies, suffers a disability, critical, chronic, or terminal illness, or becomes unemployed. Home equity, ownership, and possession of the home are all protected by the policy for loved ones after you’ve passed. 


Medicare Insurance in Centerville

Medicare is a health insurance program that is regulated by the Federal Government. It caters to individuals 65 and older and comprises Part A, Part B, and Part D. Only about 12% of Utah residents are enrolled in Medicare, and many beneficiaries have Medicare Advantage plans. Insurers are not required to offer Medigap plans, which are standardized under federal guidelines, to people under age 65. Medicare Part D coverage is available for Medicare beneficiaries who have no drug coverage through Medicaid or an employer-sponsored plan. You can purchase Medicare Part D as a stand-alone plan, or as part of a Medicare Advantage plan that includes Part D prescription drug coverage.


For your Medicare, term life, whole life, and mortgage protection insurance needs, You Matter Insurance & Financial Group can help you decide on the best option for you. We can put your mind at ease and offer quality protection for you and your family. Trust us to provide expert answers to your questions and guide you into choosing the right insurance plan for you.

Why Choose You Matter?

Choose You Matter Insurance & Financial Group as your insurance provider and we will guarantee you the best option that matches your finance and affordability. Your information is protected so you will not need to deal with any other insurance agents except us. Our goal is simply protecting your hard-earned money, life, and your family. Contact us to discover your insurance plan today!