Did you know that Utah is among the fastest-growing US states in population size? The beautiful and bountiful state of Utah is currently home to more than 3.2 million American’s! The farming culture and breathtaking scenery make it no surprise that so many people love residing in Utah. Our team has the same love for the state, and that’s why we want to provide you with high-quality insurance options! 

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Whole Life Insurance in Bountiful, Utah

Whole life insurance is a life insurance plan that protects you for your entire life. The premium costs of a whole life policy are typically higher than term-life coverage, but once you have your rate, it will never change. This makes for easy budgeting and overtime; it will be just another monthly bill on your roster. Whole life policies also have options for low-interest loans and cash borrowing to protect you financially in times of need. 


Term Life Insurance in Bountiful, Utah

Term life insurance is extremely affordable. This life insurance option lasts for a specific amount of time or a term. Term life insurance is ideal for people who have financial responsibilities that won’t last forever. Things like car loans, children who need to go to college, and other short-term commitments can put a lot of financial stress on your family if you pass unexpectedly. A payout from a term life insurance policy will cover those costs, just as you would have done if you were still here. 

Mortgage Protection Insurance in Bountiful, Utah

Mortgage protection insurance is a unique type of life insurance covering the exact amount you owe on your mortgage. That means that the coverage amount is constantly changing as your remaining mortgage balance changes. In the event of your death, your mortgage protection insurance payment will be sent directly to your mortgage lender to pay off the balance in full. While mortgage protection insurance doesn’t provide your family with a check, it does relieve a substantial financial burden to allow them to utilize a whole or term life insurance check for other things. 


Medicare Insurance in Bountiful, Utah

Medicare plans are designed to fill the gaps in traditional Medicare coverage. Copays and medication costs can quickly become overwhelming for someone on Medicare, but Medicare supplemental insurance takes that uncertainty out of the equation. There are multiple different Medicare supplemental insurance plans to choose from, so you can find one that fits your medical needs and budget the best. 


Why Choose You Matter?

If you’re one of the 3.2 million residents in Utah and you’d like to explore your insurance options, give us a call! You’d be surprised what we have to offer within in nearly every price range! 



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